How to Personalize Your RSVP Form Design

Go to "Website", then click on the "RSVP" page in the "Pages" column

You will find the various options to customize your RSVP form design. Just like any other page, you can modify the page settings.


  • Background Color – This is the background color of the form itself
  • Font Color – Allows you to change the default font color of the entire form
  • Rounded Corners – The form displays as a box, you can opt to use rounded corners


  • Color – This will change the border color
  • Rounded Corners – Change the radius value of the corners
  • Thickness – Change the thickness of the border


  • Font Color – Change the color of the header
  • Font Size – Change the font size of the header

The header is displayed towards the top of your form. Your welcome message is displayed in the header.


  • Field Label – The color and size options will change the form field questions
  • Field Text – You can change the color and size options of the form field answers


The button displays at the end of your form towards the bottom left hand side. You can change the various options to customize the look of the button.