Viewing RSVP Replies

View all your RSVP replies

The Replies page will display all the RSVP replies you've received from your guests. At a glance, you can view the various statuses of each household.

  • Replies – The total number of replies from each household
  • Guests – The total number of guests in all households
  • Attending – The total number of guests indicating that they will attend
  • Declined – The total number of guests declining their attendance

For each reply, you can click on the row to view the details of their submission

You can edit their reply just in case anything changes with their submission. You may also delete their reply as well.

Export Spreadsheet

Once you begin to receive replies, you will see an option for "Export Spreadsheet". This will automatically collect all your replies and provide you with a downloadable spreadsheet file. You can then use the spreadsheet to make any other changes directly to keep track of all the households.