How to Customize Your RSVP Form

You can personalize the wording on all the form fields

Just go to RSVPForm in your WeddingWoo Dashboard

Let's start with "Basic Questions"

We have basic questions we'll ask every guest when they are submitting their RSVP. You'll be able to modify the questions and answers. If you need to use a different language other than English, this will give you the opportunity to fully customize the questions.

  • Full Name – First and Last Name of the guest that is RSVP'ing.
  • Email – We capture the email of the guest, but you have the option to not ask this question. You can make the question optional as well. By default, it will be a required field.
  • Attendance – We will ask if a guest will attend or not. You can modify the answer of attending or decline.
  • Comments – It's an optional field to ask guests if they want to leave an extra note. You have the optional to not ask this question.

Meal Preferences

You can ask guests for meal preferences on Appetizer, Entree and Dessert.

You do not need to ask guests if you don't need to know. Also, each meal preference is optional so if you only need Entree, then you can just enable it for Entree. You can personalize what the choices are for each meal preference and also rearrange the order as well.


There's extra options for you to customize the wording on the form:

  • Welcome Message – This will displayed on the top of your RSVP form when guests visit the RSVP page on your wedding website.
  • Missing Invitation Message – If you have an exclusive guest list, this is the message we display if a guest's name is not found on your Guest List.
  • Confirmation Page for Acceptances – When at least one guest in a household indicates that they will attend, we will show this message at the end of the RSVP form after your guest submits the RSVP.
  • Confirmation Page for Declines – If all guests from a household indicates that they have declined, then we will show a different message if no member of a household is able to attend.


The labels on all the buttons can be customized.

  • Next – As your guest goes through the RSVP form, this will be the button they use to move forward
  • Start – A guest finds their household after searching and is ready to start the RSVP
  • Submit – A guest is ready to submit their RSVP
  • Back – If a guest needs to go back after searching for their name, then we display a back button