How to Set Up a Guest List

A Guest List allows you to designate allotted guests for each household

Each household is made up of guests. You can define 1 to 10 guests for each household. If a household is only a single guest, then only 1 person's name will show up and they will not have the option to bring any guests. For households of more than a single person, you can allot additional guests in the household that can attend as well.

In the "Guest List" section, you will see an overview of all the guests and their status

  • Invited – This is the total count of all the guests in every household in your Guest List
  • Unanswered – This is the count of guests that haven't replied
  • Attending – This is the count of guests indicating that they will attend
  • Declined – This is the count of guests indicating that they will not attend

Below the status, you will see all the households defined in your Guest List

Each household will show the total number of guests defined. It will also show a status indicating how many are attending, declined or haven't responded yet. If you click on any household, you will be able to edit the household if you need to modify any of the guests previously defined.

Clicking on the "Add a Household" button will allow you to add a household

You need to add at least 1 guest to each household. It is optional to allow a household to be made up of more than 1 guest. If a particular person is not allowed to bring anyone, then just choose "None". Otherwise, you can choose how many additional guests the person can bring.

If you do not know the name ahead of time of the guest that a particular household will bring, then click on the toggle switch to enable "Name Unknown". When this household is ready to RSVP, they will fill in the name of the guest since you did not define it. Otherwise, if the "Name Unknown" is not enabled, then you must enter the full name of the guest.

At any point later on, if you need to modify the number of additional guests, simply change the allotted guests to remove any guests from a household. For example, if you initially had 2 additional guests in a household and would like to change it to "1 guest", then just change the select drop down to remove the 2nd guest. Be sure to save your changes.

Closed Guest List

You have the optional to keep the RSVP open while also setting up a guest list. It depends on whether you would like to keep the guest list exclusive and private. Opening up your guest list just means that if you do not define a full guest list for all your guests, then names not on your guest list can still RSVP. You can always change this option to make it exclusive which means a guest's name must be on the guest list in order for a person to be able to RSVP.