Photos Page

Upload as many photos as you need.

We'll take care of the rest.

Start uploading by clicking on the "Upload" button

The upload form will pop up so you can choose which photos you'd like to upload

If you are on desktop, you can drag the photos you want to upload into the drop zone. Otherwise, just click on the "Choose photos" button to pick the files which will immediately begin the upload process.

After the upload completes, you have a chance to add captions for each image

Please make sure you click on Save so your photos are actually added to your Photos page.

You can change the layout of the photos

Look for the Edit Layout link underneath the Upload button.

The layout option will allow you to change the way the photos are displayed on your page. We have different layout formats.

A modal will pop up so you can change the layout

These are the different layout options:

  1. List – This will simply display each photo one-by-one underneath each other. 
  2. Grid – All photos will be displayed as a thumbnail. If you have a lot of photos, this will be a nice way for guests to scan through all the photos you have. If a guest clicks on the thumbnail, a higher resolution version of the photos will display.
  3. Gallery – A slideshow gallery will display for the guest. If a guest does not click on the photo, then based on a timer, each photo will display one-by-one in the larger display. Depending on the browser, a full screen option will be available.

A reorder option is also available to rearrange the sequence of photos

After clicking on "Reorder", just drag and drop photos to rearrange the order

When you are finished reordering the photos, just click on I'm done reordering to finish up.