Website Traffic

"Website" → "Settings" → "General"

You can use Google Analytics to view the visitors to your wedding website

1. Sign up for a free account at Google Analytics

2. Once you sign in to Google Analytics, please set up a new Property

Instructions here:

You'll set up a new property by providing your wedding website URL.

3. After setting up a property at Google Analytics, please find your tracking ID

Instructions here:

You'll need to copy your tracking ID and bring it to your WeddingWoo Dashboard

4. Paste your tracking ID in the "Website Traffic" field in "Settings"

You do not need to copy the tracking code snippet they provide. We will take care of embedding the tracking code. All you need to provide is the tracking ID so we can properly embed it into the tracking code.

Go back to Google Analytics to verify your tracking code is working.

5. Once you verify the tracking code is working, please use Google Analytics directly to view visitors

Google Analytics will provide detailed information regarding the visitors viewing your wedding website.