Alignment of Headers

"Website" → "Settings" → "Alignment"

If you would like to change the alignment of the Page and Content Headers, please choose among "Left", "Center", and "Right". The default is "Left" for both page and content headers.

What's a "Page Header"?

The Page Header appears at the top of each page. You can modify the title for each page on the "Page Settings" link in each page within your WeddingWoo Dashboard. A Page Header is required for every page. The alignment option allows you to change this for every page.

What's a "Content Header"?

For each content you add to a page, you generally have title and body sections you add. The Content Header will appear above each piece of content. For example, on the "Our Story" page, when you add a story, you have both a title and body. The title for each story is your Content Header.