Page and Navigation Titles

The "Page Title" appears at the top of your content pages. You can customize title for any of the pages.

The "Navigation Title" appears in the navigation section of your wedding website. This is the link that guests will see in order to access your content page.

  1. Please head over to the "Manage" section in your WeddingWoo Dashboard.
  2. On each row, you will find options to customize the "Page Title" and "Navigation Title" for each page. Simply input the title that you would like to use.
  3. Be sure to click on "Save pages" at the bottom to update your changes.

Towards the bottom of the "Manage" page, you'll also see an option to customize the "Home Navigation Title". This is especially useful if you are writing your content in a different language and would like to translate "Home" into a different language.

There are also "Alignment Options" which will align the text for the "Page Header" and "Content Header". The "Page Header" shows up at the top of each content page. The "Content Header" shows up at the top of each content section.

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