Registry Page

Share your registries with guests

Communicate with guests of your gift preferences on the Registry page.

To begin, please visit the Registry page in your WeddingWoo Dashboard. Click on Add Registry to begin adding your registries.

After you click on Add Registry, you'll be directed to a form to begin adding your registry. 

The only required field is the Registry URL. If we already have a logo for a particular retailer, we'll automatically add the logo for you so you don't specifically have to find and upload a logo.

If your retailer does not specifically support an online registry, it'll still be helpful for your guests to check out information about the retailer so they can get more information.

You have option to customize the logo, the name that is displayed for the retailer and an extra description field, in case you'd like to provide more information about the registry. For example, if you want guests to donate to a charity, then you can provide more details on how they can easily do it.

After you have added more than 1 registry, you will then see an option to be able to reorder the registries. This will allow you to rearrange the ordering in case you want a specific order.

Once you begin typing in or paste in your URL, we will automatically see if we already have the logo available. If so, we'll instantly display the logo for you. If not, you'll have the opportunity to replace the default logo with the logo of your choice. We have logos for many of the major retailers.

If you choose to upload a custom image for the logo, it'll display right within the same form where you were adding your registry. You can also replace any of the default registry logos if you choose to. Later on, you can always go back and upload new logos just in case you want to change it. Below is an example of a custom logo uploaded instead of using our default.

There is also an option to "Choose Size". This will allow you to change the logo size that is displayed on your wedding website. 

When the dialog pops up, it gives you a simple option to choose between a smaller logo and a larger one. Once you save the size setting, you can check on your wedding website to see what the logos look like.

Have fun! Please let us know if you have any questions :)