How to Write Your Content in Multiple Languages

Tips to help you display your content in different languages

To support having bilingual content, you need to display them side by side.

We don't support the ability yet to switch the language on your wedding website so that only a single language is displayed. To work around this restriction, you can simply write your content in the desired languages side by side.

  1. If you have a "Welcome Message", you can start by translating it first. Please head over to "Appearance" from your WeddingWoo Dashboard and click on the "About" tab. Below is an example of a welcome message written in both English and French:

  2. Next, please head over to the "Settings" section in your WeddingWoo Dashboard. Then click on "Navigation". You'll need to translate the "Navigation Title" for each page that you are using. 

    When translating the "Navigation" titles, it's best to display both languages and separating it using a '/' slash. You can choose to use a different separator if you'd like.

    Below are some customer examples to show you how they displayed bilingual content for the navigation titles:

  3. To change the page title for each page, please click on the "Page Settings" button on each page.

    For example, if we displayed "Our Story" in both English and French, we can display it as "Our Story / Notre Histoire"

    Below are some customer examples what the pages look like when you translate the page title as well as the page description:

  4. As you begin to add and edit content, be sure to translate both the header and body of each content. For the header, like we just showed you for the page and navigation titles, you can write both languages and separate it using a separator of your choice. For the body, you can just simply separate them into separate paragraphs.

    Below is a screenshot from a page of one of our customers:

This approach has worked out really well for our customers when displaying their content in different languages. Please let us know if you have any questions!