How to Write Your Content in a Different Language

You can write your wedding website's content in a language other than English

As long as you can type in your preferred language, you'll be able to completely customize your wedding website to be in a different language

We'll go over some tips to help you to completely customize the content so it's in a completely different language.

  1. First things first: please update the language setting in the WeddingWoo Dashboard. Please head over to the " Settings" page and look for the "Language" label to find different language options. Right now we have: Spanish, German, French, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

    Updating this language setting will set all the dates on your wedding website into the language you selected. Also, for any pages where we automatically set up a form for you (like the Song Requests and Guestbook pages), we will automatically translate those pages for you.

  2. In " Customize", you can personalize the "Welcome Message" to be in a different language. If you already changed the language setting like we did in the previous tip, then you'll see the "Wedding Date" field already displayed in your preferred language. In the example below, we wrote our welcome message in French.

  3. In the " Manage" section of your WeddingWoo Dashboard, you'll have the opportunity to rename the page and navigation titles. The navigation titles can all be changed in a different language including the "Home" link. The page titles appear at the top of every page, this can be changed as well. Please see below for a French example:

    On your wedding website, here's what the navigation section can look like after you change the "Navigation Title" field on all the pages:

  4. As you begin to add content on various pages like "Our Story", "Information", "Schedule", etc., keep in mind that you can always write the header and body content in your preferred language. Even when you add a custom page, you'll be able to write everything in your preferred language. Here's an example from the "Our Story" page below:

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any questions!

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