Wedding Party Page

Share the members of your bridal party

By default, we include the groups of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, but it is completely customizable. For example, you can add new groups to include the parents of both parties. The names of all the groups are customizable. You must have at least 1 group to add people to the Wedding Party page.

The Add Group button that will allow you to create a new group on the Wedding Party page.

A simple form will display when you want to add a group by asking you for the name of the group and an optional description.

You can of rearrange the order of the groups by clicking on the Reorder Groups button. 

The Add Person button allow you to add a new member into a specific group.

A simple form to add a person will show up. You'll have the option to place the person into a specific group that you created. There is an optional photo you can add as well as a caption.

You can also rearrange the order of the members in each group. Just click on Reorder People to rearrange the people in each group.

If you do not plan to upload photos for each person, then you can just remove this from displaying on your wedding website. Click on Display Options to disable the photos from showing up.

After you click on "Display Options", a simple modal will pop up giving you the option to disable photos.

When you do not upload a photo for each person, we display a default logo. If you do not wish to have an image display, then you can use this option to disable this option.