How to Configure Your Bluehost Domain

Step-by-Step Instructions to Setup Your Bluehost Custom Domain to use with WeddingWoo

  1. Once you log in to Bluehost, please scroll down from the home screen under "Domains" and click on "Domain Manager".

  2. Once you are in the Domain Manager, please click on "Zone Editor".

  3. Once you are in the DNS Zone Editor, fill in the values for a CNAME record under the "Add DNS Record" header. Type in "www" for Host Record. Choose "CNAME" in the drop down next to Type. Then type in "" next to the "Points To" label. Be sure to save your changes by clicking on "Add Record".

  4. When you complete adding a DNS record, click on the icon for "Redirect".

  5. Once you are in "Redirects", we'll add a redirect for your top level domain. Under " Add Redirect", that "Permanent (301)" is chosen. For the http:// with a dropdown, leave the value which should be your domain. Leave the field next to it blank. Then under "redirects to", you'll want to add your full domain with the "www". For example, if you registered, the full value should be Then complete the changes by click on the "Add this redirect" button.

That's all for Bluehost :)

Please head back to our support instructions and proceed to finish steps 3 and 4.