How to Configure Your eNom Domain

Step-by-Step instructions to set up your eNom domain to use with WeddingWoo

  1. When you log in to eNom, please look under "Domains" and click on "Registered" to access your custom domain.

  2. Once you are in the domain manager, click on the drop down menu next to " Manage Domain:" and then select "Host Records"

  3. For the "www" record, change the "Record Type" to "CNAME (Alias)" and input "" as the "Address". For the "@" Host Name, select "URL Redirect" as the Record Type, and then type your custom domain in as the Address with the "www" in front of it. As in the example above, if you registered, you will want to enter the Address as ""

All done! :-D

Please head back to our support instructions and proceed to finish steps #3 and #4.