Customizing the Design

All the changes you make will be previewed to you live as you click and type along. When everything is right as you see fit, be sure to click on 'SAVE' to preserve all your changes.

1. About

You have the opportunity to add the Bride's name, Groom's name, Wedding Date, Wedding Location, and a brief welcome message that will display only on your landing page and not on the other pages.

2. Background

You can upload a background image that will stretch to cover the entire background.

3. Layout

The layout will allow you to rearrange the content in way that suits you and goes well with your background image. We've split up the layout so that the about stuff is in one section, the navigation links (like photos, schedule) in another and finally the content itself in another section.

4. Colors

You can modify the various colors of the text, and also the background colors of the layout sections. You can even control the opacity of the background colors.

5. Fonts

You can control the font and font size pertaining to the text in the About section: name, wedding date, and wedding location.