How to Set Up and Customize Your RSVP Form

The RSVP feature will allow you to collect RSVP replies from your guests directly from your WeddingWoo website.

RSVP is disabled by default. You'll need to explicitly enable it by going to the "Manage your pages" option in the left hand navigation. Once you click it, toggle the switch by clicking on it and making sure it says 'ON'. From there click on "Save pages" to update it.

After RSVP is enabled, click on 'RSVP' in the navigation. This is where you will see your RSVP replies when your guests RSVP from your wedding website. To edit the RSVP form, click on the "Edit RSVP form" button.

When you are editing the form. You'll notice a default set of form fields. To edit one of the fields, hover over the field, and you should see options to "Edit" and "Delete". There is also a form description at the top, which you may also edit and clear if you don't want to put a message.

When you edit a form field, you have the option to change the label of the field. If the form field is relevant, you'll have the option to add/edit/remove the choices in that field. The multiple choice, checkbox and dropdown will display an option to edit the choices to display. All fields have the option to make the field a required field so guests will have to fill something out.

Every field except for the form description is re-orderable. So hover over the field you'd like to reorder and drag the field up or down.

Finally, you can also add fields as needed.

Don't forget to click on 'Save form' at the end to save editing your form changes. Happy building!

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