How to Play Music with SoundCloud

Use our SoundCloud widget to play music on WeddingWoo

Go to "Customize" from your WeddingWoo Dashboard.

Under " Widgets", there will be an option to add our SoundCloud widget. Click the (+) plus sign to add the widget.

The lower right hand corner gives you the ability to edit the widget.

You can change the SoundCloud URL to change what is played by the widget. The SoundCloud URL can be a track, set, group, or user. Please head over to SoundCloud to find a track that you would like to use.

Please note: SoundCloud does not provide an option for continuous play. To keep music playing, it's best to create a playlist where you can add multiple tracks. You must create an account on SoundCloud to create a playlist.

The widget size can also be customized. You can have the music set to play automatically and determine if the artwork should be shown.

The play button color can also be changed if you don't want to use the default orange color. This will also carry over on the mobile layout since it will only show the play button.

The lower left hand corner of the widget gives you the ability to move the widget anywhere on your design. Simply grab the handle and move it to a desired location. Please do not forget to save your changes at the end.

We will also display the SoundCloud widget on the mobile-optimized layout. Here's an example:

Autoplay Restrictions


The SoundWidget will no longer autoplay on mobile browsers including smartphones and tablets. Both iOS and Android restrict this ability and there is no workaround. Guests will have to tap on the play button on their device in order to hear the music.


Both Safari and Google Chrome no longer autoplay audio in their Desktop browsers. Guests using these browsers on desktop must click on the play button to hear the music. Firefox and Microsoft Edge will still allow autoplay for now but may restrict autoplay of music in the future.